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Friday Favorites 8/19

Some of our favorite things from the week were…

1. ) Photovine- Google's new project which is a photo sharing app. A well executed concept, but are they too late on the photo sharing apps?


2. ) Brospeak translator- Maybe you need to know how to relate to your boyfriend/son/friend, well brospeak is sure to help you. If nothing else it will waste 20 minutes typing in different phrases to see what results you will get.

3. ) The Best Toothbrush ever – You will see why, it combines all the aspects of teeth brushing, making it into one amazingly convienient package.

4. ) Magimix Toaster – Ever burnt bread? That will be a problem of the past with a toaster you can see into.

See through toaster

5. ) Pac-Man nails – People are cool. And no doubt some pretty cool people decided to make Pac-Man nails. Too bad we are finding these after we moved into our new office.

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