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Friday Favorites 2/10

1.) World’s Tallest Rock Climbing Wall- It is 121 feet of sheer awesomeness.

2.) 1 Year Anniversary- This little gem came out a year ago. You are welcome.

3.) Will Ferrell introducing NBA teams- This should become a permanent thing the NBA does. Click here for Will Ferrell introducing the Hornets

4.) Run for your Lives 5K- This isn’t your typical 5k. You have to run away from Zombies during your 3.2 miles, and if you get attacked by a zombie you will not be eligible for prizes at the end.

5.) Rise of the Planet of the Apes in real life- Should I be concerned how smart this monkey is?


Bonus Friday Favorite!

This Picture:


Flying Monkey
Born in the jungles of the Congo, Flying Monkey was a primate of noble birth. Beginning his life fighting against the predators of the Zaire, he spent his nights flying above to protect the citizens of his homeland. Flying Monkey came to eyespeak after a tragic thumb-war loss against the Gorilla of Chad. He was exiled from Africa for six life sentences. As mascot, Flying Monkey spends his days climbing the rock wall and swinging from our loft. Flying Monkey enjoys long walks down Peachtree St., workouts at CrossFit and Willy's burritos.

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