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The Genius of Simplicity

Often we are prone to overcomplicate things. We think our company needs more offerings, or we try to add more where there needs to be less.

Think about some of your favorite products or services. Even many of the things we consider “innovative” are simple at heart. The idea of selling cars online transformed car buying. Paying someone to paint your nails for you. A doctor at your local drug store.

While these are just examples and some are complicated in detail, they serve as a great reminder to keep it simple. Sometimes the most successful companies are just an idea that stems from something we all hate doing. We love helping companies take a simple idea and bring it to market. And everyone has “their” idea.

My simple idea? While I have many, the simplest may be a place to refill toothpaste. A simple display in Target where you pay $2 to refill your tube. Cost is low AND it helps the environment.

What are you doing to streamline your company to keep it simple?

Sarah Lee
With the gift of gab and a passion for brand, Sarah serves clients as their Brand Communicator. Born and raised in Atlanta, her Southern tendencies include monogramming anything that will stay still long enough and a love for baked goods. Sarah serves clients through their projects using a thorough process and giving clear expectations.


  1. i don’t wear a watch. not because time isn’t important to me but because it’s more important for me to be focused on my client, or on my project then what’s next. i put cushion between meetings to allow for things to “run a little long” and of course i have my iphone setup to send reminders and act as a clock when needed.

    I find a watch though causes people to either check it often, or people i’m with will look down at it. It’s really a huge distraction in our lives that we don’t realize how much of a slave to “time” we are. billable time, waiting time, office time etc… everything is based on minutes and hours rather then one activity going to the next.

    i’m happier and simpler since i ditched the watch and i’ve noticed i’ve got more time, go figure :-)

    • Sarah says:

      Lose the watch, get more time. Now there is a marketing campaign! Love the thoughts, I agree far too many of us find ourselves as slaves to time.

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