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Twitter Killed Golf

I’m not a hater of golf. I think it takes a crazy amount of skill, focus and practice. I love that Tiger brought in a new generation of fans and players. The golf industry is driven by business men taking a few hours out of their schedule often to play 18 holes. There are several reasons why this happens:

  1. Fresh air: room to think away from the hustle
  2. Play: it is at least some form of exercise
  3. Network: connecting with business associates

This third area is where I think twitter will continue to take some market share from the golf industry. No longer do we need to spend four hours together every time we catch up. We can now virtually stay connected with our network while not together.

This isn’t anti-social… it is the new social norm.

Benj Miller
You know that feeling when you don’t have the words to explain something that makes so much sense to you? Benj created eyespeak for people just like you. He has built an exceptional team that leads and challenges clients in discovering and communicating their uniqueness. Benj strongly believes the power of this team has a lot to do with our clients' success. Under his leadership, eyespeak has been recognized with awards for being among both the healthiest and overall best places to work in Atlanta.


  1. Dave W. says:

    I thought you were going to say that people are always checking their twitter on the golf course.
    I wish I could say I could go 4 hours without looking at Twitter.

  2. isma martinez says:

    Time ago I used to play golf, at least once a week, and I really loved it.
    Though I totally agree with #2 and #3, I have to disagree, not much, but a little about #1.
    Let me explain, in a golf environment where I can hear the birds signing, I can close my eyes feel the air in my face, I can enjoy the silence and stillness, … Perhaps because I am so competitive and focused I always tried not to think too much besides of which club I am going to use next, or to think how lucky I am to be there at that time.
    Also disagree a little about the final part of your post. When playing with some other guys it’s kind of different, but then besides of thinking in the clubs and holes… and win, it’s time either to laugh and enjoy the personal relationships or to get a deal with the client.
    And when the course is over it’s time to get together and have lunch or just a drink and continue talking with people face to face.
    Sure Twitter it is taking market for this #3 but can virtual social networking offer all of described above?
    So if you are asking me if golf is killing Twitter, I would ask if Twitter is also killing having dinner, or if Twitter is killing hanging out.
    I would say golf could be little injured but it is just making more special every time we get together to play.
    Can’t wait to have time in my life to play golf again. ;)

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